Driving (For 12 Hours Straight)

I woke up scared shitless today. I woke up feeling like I had to do an impossible task. I woke up with the agenda to drive from Austin, Texas to Taos, New Mexico… in a day. I didn’t know if I’d be able to do it if I’d crack under the pressure or the fear. I’m in Taos now. I drove forward and never looked back other than this one time where I needed gas (but who’s counting that anyway).

There is something very important for me here, and I did not want to fathom a world without it. I was scared, but living under the fear of what people say is impossible will not provide you with a life of better possibilities. Living afraid does not even compare with living bravely.

I do a lot of seemingly crazy shit like this. I think everyone thinks its crazy, and they only succeed in halfway convincing me. I think it’s crazy to not pursue what you value. I think it’s crazy to default from what you believe and your sense happiness. I think it’s crazy that people wouldn’t dare to live life for what the dreamed, desired, and felt purposed in pursuing.

I was scared shitless this morning. This evening, I am filled with pride. I hope you may feel the same.

Until next time,


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