The world is tangled. From bureaucratic, aging, stagnate systems of government and administration, to academic writing which emphasizes complexity in communication more than simplicity. People are entangled in their emotions, their relationships, their jobs and their finances. The entanglement of the world seems natural.

However, the revolutionary discoveries of Earth do not belong to those who make understanding or relationships more complicated than they need be. Pythagoras did not find his equations by making numerical perspective more obscure, but by making it less. JK Rowling did not make her novels famous by making them less accessible, but by making them more.

Certainly, there are places for complexity— the story with a complex plotline can be very entertaining. That said, few want the Odyssey for themselves, and would much rather enjoy (and connect) with the complex series of trials faced by Odysseus.

Avoid making the world more tangled, in everything you do. Avoid messing up your kitchen before you cook, or messing up your friends before you ask them for favors. Avoid the entanglement, for the best parts of the world, came from simplifying complexity, not complicating simplicity.

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