Daily Ritual

Since starting the practice of a blogging daily, I’ve found it’s something I really enjoy. Being able to write consistently feels in some ways liberating, and simply getting my thoughts on paper has been a huge help towards organizing my mind. Additionally, I’ve found it’s helped me refine the structure of my life, my creative abilities, and my professional outlook.

As I look back on the positives it’s had, I’ve found myself wanting to embrace even more rituals. Currently, I have a weekly ritual of hosting a philosophy call, a daily ritual of blogging, and a weekly ritual of hosting a website management call.

Noting how well having a ritual, or just a consistently scheduled practice has gone, I’ve decided to integrate the practice of ritual more into my life. If it’s helped gain clarity in my mind, and my professional career, perhaps it can clear up my health, my social life, and many other things.

Until next time,


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