Humiliation is valuable when it keeps pride in check. It’s valuable for when we think we are so much more capable than we are. The policing the emotion offers us as it through us back to reality is ultimately something helpful for growth.

However, one can’t be humiliated forever. I did embarrass myself today, and I showcased my ignorance in front of a girl who is very special to me. I believe I turned by typical “Christmas crimson”, and sought to hide myself away. I was pretty embarrassed.

That said, writing I don’t want to be embarrassed. I want to be proud to know the woman, and to speak with her, not humiliated for the one misstep. Humility can be good when it throws back to reality, but more often people seem to swim or live in it. Humility is a spice used in pinches, and living in pride goes much farther than otherwise.

Until next time,


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