The Greatest Delegation

In the past, I’ve had issues delegating work that I needed to get done to those willing to help me. Whether it was teamwork or outsourcing, many times I get caught up in the moment of my work and forget that there are people willing to have my back.

It’s not so much a vice, especially in getting work done, however, it would be a nice thing for me to remember in overloaded workdays.

Delegating work, and duties to those who are willing to help you, and who are willing to have your back are extremely valuable. When facing the duties of the day, many times you are much less alone than you think. If you are stumped on a project or confused about a client’s requests, many times over you can confer with others, or ask for their perspectives.

Seeing that there are other people to help you out, or that you have teammates whose efforts, abilities and time can be at your disposal is something important to keep in mind. If one beam in a structure carried all the weight, the foundation would be far from sound. Trying to take on the world alone, however romantic, is often more stubborn and difficult than intelligent and efficient.

Until next time,


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