In a past post, I wrote about the freedom to abdicate. Today I want to step a bit further, with the statement that no relationship should ever be a chore. A relationship between two people should never be one where either feels obligated to the other more than themselves. If a relationship is bound by obligation, it is the chaining of two people together not for mutual benefit, but for own sacrificing themselves for sake of the other. The relationship by obligation is the relationship between a slave and a master, the relationship by choice, by voluntaryism is the relationship of the greatest joy and the highest mutual consent.

Any relationship, from romantic to platonic, working to friendship, can never become a promise of self-denial. No form of brotherhood should be held above one brother or the other.

In romance, an infatuation, a love, or a desire that does not concern both parties, that is not mutual between both parties, either lacks consent by one party forcing themselves to maintain the illusion of passion, or one party forcing the other. A friendship that is maintained by means of emotional force, either in self or others, is maintained at the expense of either self or others. An employee should not be forced to live under an employer, and an employer should not obligate to keep an employee. In either situation, one ceases to be for the other’s mutual benefit and far more often becomes the eventual burden which must be carried.

This is not to say that relationships are easy. They may be very hard, and one should not surrender at the first signs of a gloomy day, but be aware that one may surrender if and when one chooses.

Happiness is not formed from an obligation to an external entity, but from the obligation to one’s self.


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