The Problem with Marketing Language (Storytelling in Marketing 1 of 4)

I hate most marketing language.

I can’t tell you how many ads have not only failed at being interesting but made me not want to even engage with a company’s product or service. A bad ad or landing page or description of a business is more than just disappointing, and usually will cause me to turn away from a business completely.

This is a problem for companies, institutions and business owners, who don’t want to be wasting others’ time, and individual users, who feel like their time is wasted by confusing landing pages that either aren’t clear enough, or makes them feel like they’ve had their time wasted in trying to find an answer.

For businesses, bad language means a missed opportunity for money and fulfilling their purpose. For individuals, it means more time lost and that their problem has not been fulfilled with a solution.

With this observation, I set out this month to create better marketing languages for several companies, specifically on their landing pages. No one wants to enter onto a landing page and feel confused about what a company is about or feel lost at how it’s applicable to them.

This post is part one of my series, describing why and what I did to help companies find better narratives for themselves. You can find the second post in this series here if you enjoyed this one!

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