The End. (Storytelling in Marketing 4 of 4)

What I learned.

Dear god coders don’t get paid enough for the stress they deal with. There were multiple times I tabbed out of a page I was editing, once even after completing the page when trying to find my recording tab.

It was interesting to look at the different ways I could optimize language, as many businesses had weak spots that they could use a bit of refinement in. I especially enjoyed looking at conscious capitalism’s site and reporting/ showing things that they could do there.

My only real concern is whether or not I was able to bring value. I deeply hope that the businesses I looked at helping out could find some value in what I am presenting, but one can never be sure. This is likely a superstition or paranoia, both qualities I don’t like to indulge, so I will simply throw caution to the wind, and hope for the best.

I did enjoy being able to identify things I thought could be valuable to the variety of businesses I checked in with, and I am eager to see their responses to what I chose to produce for them.

If you enjoyed this post, you can find it’s prequels part one here, part two here, or part 3 here.

Until next time,


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