From Statement to Story (Storytelling in Marketing 3 of 4)

To help businesses build better narratives and create better marketing language, I’ve been doing homepage/landing page reports to really polish their ability to bring more users into their site. I felt walking businesses through the steps of creating a better landing page and creating better language would definitely help them see the value of implementing marketing language solutions.

My general process was, admittedly, arduous. In general, I would go into a sight, create a report on what was inefficient/ optimizable, and then in a separate tab I would rewrite the language and make several other changes so that they could gain insight on a user’s perspective and tips they could implement.

As someone who has never learned HTML, I found a lot of my time was spent reverse engineering their sites to figure out how to really make language pop out to the user and invite them in. This included playing with the format, fonts, and sizes of both text boxes and images a lot.

There were also quite a few other things that as I went about inspecting the elements of their HTML I saw I could help edit. Low-resolution pictures or videos that didn’t really resonate were both things I saw as needing to be optimized, and I used my reports to offer up my time to solve those problems, as they represented areas I could also help these companies out with.

Overall, it was a tough thing to do, and probably took me around 20 hours total, but I’m glad I was able to gain such an insight to HTML and that I was able to refine my skills around updating marketing language. Initially, I wanted to do 20, but after I realized my first hour-long homepage edit was not the standard, I decided I needed to focus on quality over quantity, leaving me to do just a handful of full-blown reports.

If you enjoyed this post and want to gain further context you can find part one here or part two here. Additionally, if you wanted to check out this post’s sequel, you can click here for part 4!

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