The Value of Breaks

I woke up late today, and really got to work at around noon. It was not my proudest day, in that sense, and because of what felt like regret for not making things more productive, I was intent on plowing my way through everything I had to do.

It’s now midnight and I’m just about to wrap up the day with this. I am exhausted and ready to collapse into bed. I am suffering from a burnout today. I ultimately worked 4 hours longer than the standard business day and only got up to feed myself. While the day did yield returns productively, it wasn’t ultimately healthy.

Breaks are needed. Edison would famously take naps whenever he became stuck on a given idea, and many times he found it easier to find a solution to a problem with a stressless mind, where a distressed one had worked for hours. Breaks help, and it wasn’t until I listened to a lecture by Amanda Kingsmith that I fully recognized how badly I was screwing myself.

The break is as valuable as the battle.

Now, I’m going to take the chance to follow my advice as I’ve only now realized the value I’ve been depriving myself of.


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