Writer’s Block

The days I have the hardest time writing, I realize that I am fighting myself. It’s not that I have nothing I wish to write about. To write is simply to think on record. No, the hardest days to write are the days when I have full consciousness of what must be written, yet do not write it.

Sometimes it’s the fear of that writing being seen by others. Many times, it is the fear of that writing being seen by ourselves. The confrontation of our inner evil is much more difficult than our external. Acknowledging that you are your enemy is the true difficulty.

With that said, I have some extremely disturbing news that I feel I must share. I don’t want to state this or be seen with this, yet I feel this is something I must disclose. I recently published this youtube video giving a full explanation of what is giving me such writer’s block, and consolations are welcome.

Please, if you get a chance, let me know how I can give it up.

Until next time,




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