The End of History

On December 25th, 1991, the hammer and sickle of the Soviet Union were lowered for the last time. With this event, the Cold War and its proxies came, largely, to an end. With this, an era of history closed, and an age of ideological empires was concluded. It may have been the last major conflict the world would ever see, and The End of History, at least as we knew it, was upon us.

Certainly, there was still war. There was still aftermath. There are effects that we are continuing to feel even now. However, this war may have been the last standoff the world would ever see.

Despite what news and mass media would indicate, we are today living in more peaceful times than ever before. Due to things like the internet, increasing social technologies, ease of travel, and widespread journalism, it’s harder for individuals to see an “enemy” at the end of a barrel of a gun, rather than a human being.

War, as we know it, in violence, death, guns, and bombs, is dying. With its death comes the end of the war machines: governments and the militaries which maintain them.

The empire of yesterday, with crazed Caesars, impassioned Napoleons, and worshipped Fuhrers, will not be the empire of tomorrow.

The empire of tomorrow will be the magnates. The kings of tomorrow will not be crowned by force, but by markets, and the John D. Rockefeller’s, the Andrew Carnegie’s, the Jack Ma’s,  the Steve Job’s, and the many other visionaries shall be the true wielders of change.

It used to be that empires by the sword would build the world, and empires by the sword would break it. In the history of tomorrow, those great men and women will lead their ideas and businesses to change the world. The world will not be pushed forward by those who pillage, but by those who plant the seeds of wealth and work for its growth.

It won’t just be the corporations and the institutions, but the sovereign and small groups too, who band together to provide greater products, inventions, solutions, and services. It is the Lyft and the Uber, the Netflix and the Hulu, the Amazon and the Alibaba, the Facebook and the Google, who will have their own market wars, where the victor is not who can make the most serve them, but who serve the most by what they make.

The empire of the future will not be a location, but a household name. The business which can compete to provide the most will be the one to grow the most, the state which competes to restrain the least will be the one to gain the most perks, the kings who have none obligated to them by force, but many by choice employment will have the most sway in the world they are seeking to create.

I believe that we are looking down the end of history. I believe that war, in the traditional sense, will be phased out for war in competing markets. I believe that the imperial model of the nation-state will become secondary to the marketable model of voluntary, free and exchangeable goods, services, and ideas. I believe the End of History as we know it, is upon us, and soon it will be exchanged for a History, not of war, but of wealth.

Here’s to that dream, or one yet better.



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