Pride Price

I’m horribly proud. Thomas Aquinas, along with many other biblical figures, believed  “pride is the root of all sin”. I am both proud and sad to say I would probably pop one of Aquinas’s veins if he were to ever have seen me, though sad in the sense that I believe Aquinas should have been proud of his achievements and giving to the world of Western philosophy.

By some metrics, I’m arrogant, a narcissist, and fairly conceited. I most of these, most days. I would even agree, though I’m don’t try to look down on people. I am most of these because I believe humanity has a right to these qualities and is even justified in exhibiting them.

I recently listened to Charles Mingus’s “Moanin'” and it was not a song that made me feel blissful, but rather it was a song which I couldn’t stop the bliss of listening to. Charles deserves his arrogance, his superior ability to create music than myself. Likewise, Albert Einstein deserves to be as conceited in his own self-image as he desires, not in the sense that he would ruin everyone else’s day, but by his mind, he has endowed the world tomes more knowledge than prior. He deserves he conceit because he has done the opposite of ruin the worlds’ day, he’s made it drastically better.

Now, pride has a price. Pride and humility follow like booze and hangovers. The other day I was proud of my understanding of economics. I, nearly literally, got taken to school on the subject. It was embarrassing. However, the one day where having an ego-checked doesn’t necessarily pay back the hundreds of days when having a pleasant self-image brings joy, and the days where I am proud to be me or proud of my ability, don’t default the days when my ability or self is inferior to what I thought it was.

On the contrary, when a man my greater comes along, let him prove me wrong. Humility is a wonderful teacher, and let me learn from my mistakes. Let me be arrogant in the pleasure of being a better man than I was yesterday, and hopefully arrogant in the sense that I could be a better man tomorrow.

Take pride guys,


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