I spent about all day today totally out of it. There. I said it. I stalled.

For shame.

However, I realized that there are still things to be done today. It’s easy to get things done on the days you are feeling it, but a lot harder on the days you aren’t. I still managed to host calls for my website. I still managed to confer with the people who need my help therein. I still managed to write this blog, and send out emails.

I like to think about the men and women who crossed the ocean to come to America in the hopes of making a better life for themselves, who were totally unsure of who or what they would find across the pond. I like to think of the other entrepreneurs who did everything they could to create an active world. I like to think of the giants upon whose shoulders you and I stand, and how they did not crumble.

The best thing to escape from lethargy is the refusal to participate in it. They felt it but chose to stand against it. And if they can do it, so can I.



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