Late Days

Getting home, in hindsight, was a bit of an odyssey. After a 14 hour-travel back home from Vancouver to Denver to Austin, all the while sick on that god-awful poison the Canadians call “Timbits” I was welcomed home to 1 am traffic, lightning storms and my entire neighborhood being out of power.




I have to admit, I got a late start on the day.


However, about halfway through, I decided it was time to stop blaming yesterday for today’s afternoon. This isn’t to say I wasn’t still just a wee bit spiced from the happenings. But, it is to say that living in the past is no way to handle the problems of the present.


I have fortunately been able to check in on a lot of things after switching my mindset, and I just thought I’d share the shift with you.


Until next time,



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