The Maven: Defying The Giants.

Having been in a conference for the past two days has given me a lot of different perspectives. The conference, hosted by the Maven, has given me access to a lot of new concepts. I have continually questioned how the world of the internet will accelerate and stabilize as Google and Facebook seem to stabilize. The Maven seems to have the answer.

In a time when publications are dying, the Maven has gained hundreds of millions of users and a net worth greater than the New York Times in just a few years.


Collectivism. No, no, not some ideology that sacrifices the individuals for the masses. Collectivism, as in coalition building.

Hearing about this tactic for the first time was a little shocking. Yet this is exactly what the Maven has done in order to build a company that helps publishers survive rather than slowly strangling them with algorithm changes, irrelevant ads, and censorship.

In only a few years, the Maven has built a coalition of over 300, independent publishers, that helps there users get found. In a world where Zuckerberg and Google can play god on who gets business and who doesn’t, the Maven has offered life to some of the most substantial journalists in the modern day. This coalition is able to support itself on one template that treats them significantly better than the prior giants and allows themselves to be found by creating bridges networks of content.

I am deeply hopeful for this coalition. While it is not perfect, monopolies need to be disrupted, and a community that can stand together to sufficiently defy the giants is the community I want to support. It would be madness to try and take those mountains on head-on, but the doors the Maven offers are the doors of life for publishers today.

Big thanks to the Maven and team for hosting, and bringing your plan into reality!

Until next time,

Cade Summers

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