Vancouver: Top 3 Impressions

So, what’s Vancouver like? I sure as hell don’t know, but I did get some impressions today!

After 16 hours of travel,  I wanted to quickly make a blog about the top 3 first impressions I got from our northern neighbors, and ideally give them a bit of a joshing.

  • Flannel. Flannel everywhere

You know, I like the nice, soft and warmly stylish aesthetic of a flannel jacket as much as the next man. Flannel is that type of clothing that says “mystery”. A kind of mystery that says “Am I a stylish urban lumberjack, or did I just get this out of a hand-me-down drawer from 20 years ago? You’ll never know…” Vancouver seems to really like this aesthetic. I think since landing I have seen more people wearing flannel in a day than I do all year in Austin… it’s a lot.

  • Chinese immigration

I used to watch a lot of Firefly, and one thing that always stood out to me was how characters would often speak Chinese between English sayings. I used to think it was an interesting little cultural commentary on the increasing globalization in the world, and that it was kinda cool to through in. I did not think, however, it was as real as it is in Vancouver. There are restaurants, salons, stores and other businesses that are exclusively advertising themselves in Chinese, and it’s very culturally unique. One moment you have the tall pines typical of the Canadian wilderness, the next, Chinese stores that would make you swear you are in New York’s Chinatown.

  • Tim Horton’s

Where the US has the evil empire of Starbucks, the Canadians seem to have another villain. The marauder of mochas, the Lucifer of lattes, the Overlord of Overly-sweet coffees. His name, dare I say it, is Tim Horton… and he is everywhere. Even now, as I write this, I fear for my family, and my well being. Around every corner, he lurks, and to suppose to anyone that such a villain of the very-sweet is indeed, a villain, gets you the most disturbing stares from the locals. Caution, friends, for the Tim is always near.

Now, I have unfortunately not yet come across the holy trinity of a Chinese migrant wearing flannel drinking Tim Hortons, but I am keeping my eye for such. That said, I hoped you enjoyed today’s blog, and I’ll see you next time!

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