Never Forget The Passport

Update time!

I tend to get these weird anxiety premonitions whenever I travel. If I don’t freak out say 3 times about the one thing I may have forgotten, and I get freaked out by the fact I haven’t freaked out about it. This isn’t to say I’m anti-travel, hell no, I’m all for it, but it does tend to sink into my nerves.

Speaking of being all for travel, this time I’m super excited to be going to Whistler, Canada for a coalition networking event. It’s not my first business trip, but whenever I do take a business trip I always get washed away in the surreal feeling of how I got here. It seems like just yesterday I popped into Original Path and started writing some things, and it’s one of the closest things to my heart.  

As with joining Praxis, every now and then one has to stop what they are doing, take a breath, and simply be grateful for the way life has gone. I’m getting a bit of a premonition in this blog like I said in the intro, and this time I’m scared I’m going to forget my passport. I don’t think I’ll forget it, nor do I think I’ll forget everyone who has helped me get to where I’ve gone.

Thanks, Praxis, Original Path, and everyone else who has helped grow me.

God damn, I get sappy when writing these at night.


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