The Art of Life

I’m listening to a wonderful first song that starts off a wonderful album. The entire piece is a work of art, really, and it feels like something special that was crafted just for me. I absolutely love it. I’ve no clue what type of person the artist is,  but the whole thing is set up like a symphony that evolved and adapted to the modern world. I know only that they are an artist, and that they deserve that title more than 90% of the acclaimed artists that have become before or after them do.

The album has these breaks in between songs that are either so abrupt or so smooth that they give the entire thing a form of rhythm. It tells not so much a story, as a series of emotions. I could go on, but it’s the emotions that seem most worth writing about.

I talk about philosophy a lot.

This is the kind of abrupt change I was talking about two paragraphs ago.

It’s something I love. I get the wonderful blessing of being able to host Original Path, an education website that hosts philosophy events weekly. It’s a deep passion for me, and something that I want to share with the world. I wonder a bit if what I find in philosophical dialogue, the artist finds in music. I feel somehow certain they do.

This isn’t the only artist I would praise. There are more. I find myself wanting to meet the person, not in the way one worships a celebrity, but by the way that one defends their values. I’d want to meet them purely for the celebration of their genius.

When I host philosophy events, I get a similar feeling. I’ll look around at our visitors, guests, and participants, many of them still in high school, and I can’t help but see their genius, their fire, the aesthetic of their soul come through.

As I started writing this article, I had no idea what I was writing, or where I was going with it. I think I do now. I can’t say why, but I think I feel that artist’s genius coming through. When I hear those kids talk, I can’t help but see theirs. I’m writing this in that same celebration I mentioned, the celebration that genius creativity exists, that the world is not average and mediocre but a wondrous appraisal of the greatest attributes of ourselves.

I will meet people who float through life, crushed under their own cynicism, under the belief that there is nothing worth living for. The feeling of this music… it’s simply the pure and utter opposite of that doctrine. It’s the feeling of knowing that there are men and women and people worth living for and that by the wonder they can create, even worth dying for.

With that, I’d just like to say this blog post goes out to the artist. Not just the creator of the song, but anyone who truly creates genius. That genius I’m talking about, that 90% of acclaimed “artists” don’t choose to show or put out there… that’s the art of life.

Until next time,



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