Who is Cade Summers?

HeadshotTo start, I’m Cade Summers. This is my website, where you can stay updated on the projects I’m involved in, the work I’ve done, or my thoughts via my blog.

If what I am is what I do, then I’d say I’m a man of many hats. I’m a Lead Editor of a Website, a Frequent Writer, a Marketing Specialist, I’m a Mentor, an Alternative Education Advocate, a Lover of Philosophy, and a current Praxis Participant.

If I am what I believe, then I believe in the pursuit of happiness, for all people, and my pursuit of happiness is creating meaningful value, in the stories I tell, the people I reach, and in the effect of communicating on a human basis. I believe in human communication, and in the use of stories to help spread meaningful messages. I believe that via meaningful communication, we build a more intelligent, more intuitive and more collaborative world, filled with mutual understanding and global well-being for all humanity.